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At HUMANSYSTEMS®, our Human Factors consultants specialize in the human side of technology for product or system development, procurement and upgrading. We apply Human Factors and Ergonomic methods and knowledge to integrate technology design with user needs to benefit both human performance and well-being. This expertise is complemented by our ability to conduct literature, laboratory, simulator and field research. We do this in order to understand and model critical areas of human effectiveness at the individual, team and organizational level.
Our Human Factors consultants ensure that our solutions are well researched, objective, and practical.
HUMANSYSTEMS® has over twenty-five+ years experience with Human System Integration supporting large multi-year development programs, as well as much smaller short-term projects.

At HUMANSYSTEMS®, we focus on high risk sectors where human performance is critical. Some of the sectors we work in include: Defence and Security, Emergency Services, Transport, Industrial Process Control and Health Care.

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