Customized Training & eLearning

With over 30 years of applied research expertise and experience, we offer truly customized, evidence-based
training and eLearning that meets your business and workforce performance needs.

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We design training and eLearning to help learners optimize performance. We are committed to creating positive behavioural change that can be transferred to analogous contexts and that lasts over time.

Our learner-centric philosophy means developing highly customized and immersive eLearning driven by careful content needs assessments and an understanding of the learner, which we link to your business goals. We think first and foremost about the end user – about what particular performance change is needed and how best to meet that need.

Our Expertise

Needs Analysis

Instructional Design

Skills Acquisition

Human Performance

We provide training and eLearning solutions to learners across sectors, including healthcare, defence, education, and industry. We have helped our clients grow their capacity in teamwork, ethical decision making, and complex social interaction. We contribute to knowledge transfer programs at the provincial level and help turn adult education into engaging online courses.