HSI® is currently recruiting for a study!

HSI® is currently recruiting for a study!

To all interested parties,

HumanSystems Inc. is currently recruiting healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 55 to participate in a load carriage study on behalf of the Directorate of Soldier System Project Management (DSSPM). Details of the study are outlined below:


Specific Aim:

The primary purpose of this protocol is to validate the use of an X SENSOR Pressure Mapping System in the evaluation of load carriage by comparing the pressure profile of two weighted rucksack designs during a walking task.


Participants will be asked to complete a total of eight five-minute walks (5.6km/hr) on a treadmill while wearing a pressure mapping sensor system and one of two rucksacks weighted with a 20 kg load. Each rucksack design will be worn for four of the eight walks. Pressure mapping data, anthropometric data, and subjective questionnaire data will be recorded during the experiment. Participants should bring athletic footwear and clothing to wear for the duration of the experiment.

Risks and Risk Mitigation:

The risks associated with this study are considered minimal but may include: musculoskeletal injury due to loss of balance, over-exertion, load (weight or imbalance), and muscular fatigue.  These risks could be low to moderate in nature if participants are not physically fit and accustomed to exertion while wearing typical military operational loads.

Time Commitment of Participants:

The total time commitment for this experiment is expected to be 1 hour and 55 minutes on a single morning or afternoon.


The results of this study will be used to validate the use of the pressure mapping sensor system in evaluations of load carriage, body armour, and other equipment worn over the torso by Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) soldiers. The pressure mapping sensor system could provide valuable information about comfort and potential for injury associated with the use of a given piece of equipment. This will allow the CAF to make better informed decisions about the equipment they issue.

Participant Remuneration:  

The stress allowance associated with this protocol is a level two, which equates to compensation of $40.40.

Contact Information:

Inquiries about this study may be directed to the HumanSystems Inc. Co-Investigator; Jarrett Evans, HumanSystems Inc., telephone: (519) 836-5911 Ext. 230, Email: jevans@humansys.com

For research ethics issues, Chair, DRDC Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), contact by email: HREC-CEESH-Toronto@drdc-rddc.gc.ca; or by phone: (416) 635-2098.

Eric Morgan

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