Bob Webb


Since founding HSI® in 1982, Bob has devoted himself to putting people first both in his work and in his longstanding nurturing of employees. Bob has a unique gift of intellectual curiousity, and his genuine interest and enthusiasm are infectious. An attentive grandfather, lover of dogs, gardens, ships and history, Bob provides a steady surge of ideas, inspiration and support for the human perspective.

David Tack

Vice President - Operations

A winning coach both off and on the field, Dave builds strong and loyal relationships with his clients by producing results that matter. Mischievous, wickedly funny, and mildly rebellious, Dave is a master of applied human factors research. Outside of work, Dave fills his time with volunteer work in the community.

Harry Angel

Principal Consultant

Hard working, loyal, and committed to meeting the needs of his clients, Harry does whatever it takes to get the job done. Although Harry lives at the epicenter of Murphy’s law, his rugged determinism and humour help him laugh and persist. In his spare time, Harry is a devoted family guy, an avid history buff, and loves to camp in the comfort of his 25-foot trailer.

Jeff Bennett

Manager - Operations Support

Jeff is the inspirational leader of the operations support team. Working 24/7 whenever necessary, Jeff ensures that our IT infrastructure continues to sparkle, and manages all aspects of company security and controlled goods. Triumphant over the Tough Mudder race and a genuine bacon enthusiast, Jeff enjoys sleeping whenever his young children allow him.

Jordan Bray-Miners

Senior Consultant

After water-skiing through his graduate work, Jordan joined HSI® to continue his journey in biomechanics. Intense and fun at the same time, Jordan's great laugh is often heard when he's nearby. While doing cutting edge digital human modeling, Jordan enjoys engaging in his own unique version of office supply Tetris with file boxes and printer paper.

Jarrett Evans


Youthful enthusiasm and wisdom beyond his years make Jarrett a valued team member on a wide range of projects. An analytical and diverse thinker, Jarrett shows his creative side by producing fun videos and is secretly hopeful of a future Oscar. He enjoys his post-student life in the centre of Guelph. Don’t let his icy glare mislead you, Jarrett has a keen sense of humour and is always up for a new adventure.

Alison Kelly

Senior Consultant

An adventurer at heart, Alison loves traveling, not only to broaden her horizons on a personal level, but also to provide exceptional on-site training and research capabilities to her clients. Alison’s solid background in human factors combined with some pretty darn good analytical skills enables her to produce scientifically grounded action items that help people thrive in their environments.

Tammy MacKinnon

Contracts Administrator

An experienced team player, Tammy has been with HSI® for almost 25 years. A true Microsoft Word expert, able to juggle everything when the chips are down, Tammy manages proposals, contracts, and supports purchasing as an operative member of the Project Management Office. Outside of work, Tammy is a devoted mom. She loves dancing, Disney, and party planning. Baking and crafts also yield to her magic touch.

Michael Matthews


Mike has been a valued associate of HSI® since the very beginning and always brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his projects. Mike’s specializations are in the area of human factors in command and control information systems and air traffic control systems. His hobbies include playing golf, photography, and escaping to Arizona for the winter.

Andrew Morton

Senior Consultant & Team Manager

Be it generating requirements, running field trials or de-conflicting the battle-space, Andrew uses a dash of creativity and a handful of wit to successfully collaborate with clients to help seek answers to their problems. Andrew brings strong analytic skills and creativity to his work. A gastronome at heart, Andrew’s obsession for coffee is what gives him his spring in his step and in life.

Edward Nakaza

Senior Consultant & Team Manager

Both meticulous and tenacious, Ed has a wealth of experience and expertise to make meaningful impacts in client projects. Although Ed takes his work seriously, he is known for his upbeat personality around the office and always exercises a great sense of humour.

Lisa Paczay

Accounting Administrator

At the forefront of our accounting department, you’ll find Lisa tirelessly working to ensure that HSI® finances stay on track. Lisa knows the ins and outs of our business and is the go-to for information when it comes to projects, billing, and accounting procedures and software. When she’s not doing calculations in spreadsheets, Lisa likes to secretly watch The Shopping Channel.

Doug Palmer


Doug's background as an Infantry Officer and Army Equipment Project Director provides HSI with 42 years of knowledge and experience. His contributions to HSI® relate to the human factors aspects of the dismounted soldier system and their interrelationships with vehicles, weapons, clothing, and equipment. Doug's hobbies include whitewater canoeing, volunteer charity work, and traveling to warm climates in the winter.

Dianne Pinder

HR & BD Administrator

A beacon of organization, Dianne has a sharp eye to detail. She helps with recruiting and human resource issues and assists with business development efforts. Dianne is a master of planning ahead in her role, while showing a continually strong work ethic and a “get it done” attitude. When Dianne’s not hard at work, she’s travelling the globe visiting her two kids.

Carlie Sorgini


Responsible, efficient, and quick to laugh, Carlie has been a welcome addition to the HSI team. With a background in biomedical engineering, Carlie is a connoisseur of human observation, and prides herself on being detail-oriented. If she's not out playing Ultimate Frisbee or beach vollyball, you can be sure to find her knee-deep in project work, assessing performance in the field.

Chris Ste-Croix

Senior Consultant

Chris is a well-rounded, adaptable resource utilized across the spectrum of HSI® projects. An avid sports fan and participant, Chris knows the importance of teamwork, communication, and working hard to get the job done. Never afraid to tackle a new challenge, Chris is the prototypical intelligent and motivated HSI® team player (despite being a Habs fan).

Michael Thomson

Senior Consultant & Team Manager

Hard driving intensity combined with insight and passion guide Michael’s work. As a highly experienced researcher, he develops unique platforms to understand timeless social and moral issues. When not working, Michael loves to cheer on the Habs, drink burgundy and practice mindfulness on his mountain bike. He strives to “suck out all the marrow of life,” living extraordinarily.