Providing technical excellence since 1982, HumanSystems® has completed over 1000 major and minor Human Systems Integration contracts in different sectors.

Work Better

We improve individual and team performance in all systems and environments.

Improve Wellbeing

We improve safety, reduce injury, promote efficiency, and enhance wellbeing.

Manage Risk

We reduce risk and uncertainty in all of your design, acquisition, and resource decisions.

Foster Innovation

We ensure that innovation and change succeeds in all human systems.

  • HSI®’s project teams have a strong foundation in human factors and experience in its application to a wide range of projects.

  • I had never been so excited about reviewing a contractor’s report in the 22 years I’ve been a defence scientist …and I was not disappointed.

  • [The team] designed and delivered a customized training program that allowed us to reach the best decisions and achieve maximum buy-in.

  • I found everyone at HSI® to be highly motivated and extremely competent.

  • They made every effort to thoroughly understand the projects they have been involved in and to look for the most cost-effective and innovative solutions to completing the work.

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