Group of people that have created a large scale image of a magnifying glass


Jan 2015

Focus on Focus Groups

When doing field research, there are many different ways to collect data. For most of the research that HSI® undertakes, it is important to collect both objective and subjective data. One common method of subjective data collection is that of the focus group. While there are countless guides available out...

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Bird's eye view of New York City streets


Jan 2015

The Grid: Supercities Made Easy

I love New York. That’s the saying, right? Google tells me it’s been New York’s slogan to promote tourism since 1977. Upon my recent visit to NY for the first time, I have to admit, it’s the perfect slogan – I too love New York. The culture is amazing, the...

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Two dogs laying together: A german shepherd and a chocolate labrador retriever


Jan 2015

Man’s Best Friend: No Judgment, Just Love

Stacey Campbell-Coady When people visit my house, they are greeted by two big, loving, and somewhat well-mannered dogs. It’s a greeting they won’t soon forget. And I, for one, wouldn’t give it up for anything. (Ok, maybe the jumping, but we’re working on that!) I have shared my life with...

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Classic-looking stop watch


Jan 2015

Lineups: Time Slipping Away

In the lifespan of seventy years, researchers estimate that humans spend three years waiting in line. My first thought is…only seventy years in my lifespan!? My next thought… more than three years of waiting!? Of course, when you think of all the times you line up, you begin to wonder...

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Matrix text in background (numbers), and red and green lock icons in foreground


Dec 2014

Beware of Online Christmas Scams

Linda Varga Christmas is less than two weeks away and it’s going to be a busy two weeks with parties, eating, and shopping!  Sadly, it is also a busy time of year for scammers out to defraud people who may let their guard down during this hectic season.  An HSI®...

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Negotiation word cloud (many negotiation-related words. E.g., "compromise, strategy" etc.)


Dec 2014

Tips for a Successful Negotiation

It’s always nice when you work on a project that positively impacts your own life. A few years ago, HSI® conducted a study in which we had participants from two very different organizations conduct a negotiation. The participants lived in different cities and worked for two very different organizations (e.g.,...

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Tops of pill bottles, which say "Push Down & Turn".


Dec 2014

Helpings Hands, Literally

Open Sesame! If only getting things to open were as easy as calling out a magical phrase. For many people, it is a daily challenge to open jars and prescription bottles. Even worse are the overly packaged products sealed in hard plastic to make them both easier to display and...

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Pair of glasses resting on an optometrist's Letter Screen


Nov 2014

Training the Lazy Eye

Linda Varga It is never good when someone uses the word lazy to describe any part of you. “Lazy: adjective; not liking to work hard or to be active; not having much activity; moving slowly” (Merriam-Webster, 2014). Nobody wants to be called lazy and nobody wants to admit they are...

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