HumanSystems® and Emergency Responders

Routine calls or major emergencies, all emergency responders share similar human factors challenges. Fast response and uncertainty. Harsh conditions, day or night, the need for the best protective clothing and equipment. Demanding teamwork and interoperability with other services. Real time situational awareness within front line teams and at command levels to manage prolonged emergencies.

HSI understands the challenges in high risk environments and specializes in solving them. We are familiar with the demands that firefighters, police, and paramedics face alone, as part of a team, and as part of an organization.

Heres what we provide:

  • Specifying user needs for procurement of equipment, clothing or vehicles.

  • Assessing compliance of technologies with human factors standards.

  • Evaluating training effectiveness and in-service skill retention.

  • Capturing human performance data and analyzing the impact on overall system effectiveness.

  • Evaluating within team situational awareness, communication patterns and human error.

  • Identifying and controlling ergonomic health and safety challenges.

Since 1982, with over 1000 contracts, large and small, in many high risk sectors, HSI® has project experience with firefighters, paramedics and police. We have extensive know-how for planning and managing human factors projects of all kinds: technology R&D, training, individual and team performance, and health and safety.

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