HSI® wins contract to support research about how human factors shape military operations

Guelph, Ontario, Canada, October 2019 – HSI® has been awarded a five-year contract with Defence Research and Development Canada’s Toronto Research Centre (DRDC TRC) for support in Information Operations, Intelligence and Cyber research.

The human aspect of military operations is shaped by many things. Culture, comprehension, and motivation all affect the decision making and actions of individuals, teams and organizations. This contract brings together experts in the social sciences, artificial intelligence, data analytics, information science and more to support research by DRDC TRC in information operations, civil military co-operation, processing intelligence information, and protecting cyber networks.

Technological advances in data gathering and analysis provide new opportunities to understand the role of human factors in managing operations more effectively. HSI®’s role is to provide a multi-disciplinary research team to help DRDC TRC gain the knowledge and capabilities needed by the Canadian Armed Forces.

“The HSI® team brings together researchers and experts in diverse subjects from within HSI® as well from universities and firms across Canada to work on these studies for DRDC” says Michael Thomson, the HSI® Technical Lead. The contract takes advantage of HSI®’s experience working with multidisciplinary teams and our positive and long relationships within industry, government and academia.”

Adds HSI® Project Manager Harry Angel: “ Managing complex projects involving different disciplines and interests while working miles apart is always a challenge but one with which we’ve had years of success in several countries.

About HumanSystems® (www.humansys.com) For more than 30 years, with clients in Canada, the U.S. and other countries, HSI® has been a leader in human factors and human system integration solutions. We work in sectors including defence, emergency responders, health care, occupational safety and utilities. Individually and for teams, HSI® helps integrate people, performance and technology so systems work effec-tively, efficiently and safely. HSI® services include research, design, product validation and training management. We focus on user fit between the abilities of the people and the technologies that together make up any system. In this way, HSI® supports product and system developers as well as procurement decision makers to reduce risks, lower life cycle costs and benefit return on investment.

Jeff Bennett

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