Nuclear Power

HumanSystems® and Nuclear Power

Whether you call it “Human Factors”, “Human Performance” or “Ergonomics”, integration of people, technology and performance is critical for safety as well as effective and efficient operation(s).

Managing the human aspects of design, construction, manufacturing and operations is a key part of the nuclear regulatory framework and requires co-ordination of responsibilities among different organizations.

Here's what we provide:

HumanSystems® offers the skills and experience you can rely upon. We understand how to apply structured design and behavioural methods in complex industries that demand high levels of reliability from both the equipment and the people that operate it.

Human Factors

Plant Modifications

  • Human Factors Planning
  • Scenario Development
  • HF Concept / Detail Design
  • Compliance with HF Standards
  • Design Verification /Validation
  • Integration of HF/HU

Human Performance

Training & Behaviour

  • Error Prevention & Correction
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Development
  • Training Assessment
  • Training Effectiveness
  • Skill Fading & Maintenance


Health and Safety

  • Work Station Design
  • Protective Clothing
  • Work Procedures
  • Physical / Cognitive Demands
  • Accident Investigation
  • Work Scheduling

HSI® experience since 1982 includes over 1000 contracts, major and minor, in Human Factors, Human Performance, and Health and Safety in different sectors – including Nuclear Power.  HSI® has extensive experience in HF planning and implementation, process control applications, assessment of training effectiveness, and Occupational Health and Safety.

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