Fit for the Future


Organizations employ workers of all shapes and sizes. Wherever they work, staff need to be physically comfortable in their workspaces (such as vehicles and offices) and with the equipment that they use (including uniforms). Our client asked for an up-to-date survey of the physical characteristics of its personnel to aid in future planning, design and acquisition.


Using state-of-the-art techniques including photogrammetry and 3D laser scans, we travelled all across Canada measuring more than 2200 staff from our clients’ organization.


We provided our client with comprehensive data for over 45 anthropometric variables (e.g., average height, weight, arm length). This information will save time and money by guiding the design of workplaces, equipment, and clothing for years to come. Just as importantly, providing tailored equipment will improve the safety, comfort and performance of staff within the organization. They can now purchase the correct quantities of garments in the minimum numbers of sizes.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s about knowing what sizes of uniforms to buy, or knowing how to make sure that people can fit into the great new system that you’re designing, we can help.

Project Contact: Harry Angel

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