Leading from the Front


Senior military officers prefer to command and lead their soldiers from wherever they can best visualize and influence the battlefield. Current restrictions on communications connectivity and bandwidth makes leading from the front challenging. This makes it important to know what information is most critical to leaders in order to design, build and provide the best collaborative tools possible.


To help understand and define the informational requirements of Commanding Officers while in battle, we conducted a series of interviews and analyses with past, present, and future Commanding Officers.


Our work resulted in identification of a number of potential tools to aid Commanding Officers to command and lead their troops effectively and efficiently when they were away from their main headquarters.

The Bottom Line

All leaders who exert command must have the best available tools and systems to support their effective work. As leaders are increasingly required to work in distributed environments, understanding how best they can collaborate and communicate with their staff is critical. Great communication saves both time and money. We can help by understanding the problem from the ground up, and with people at the centre.

Project Contact: Harry Angel


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