Helping First Responders Share Information


Help first responders (police, fire, ambulance, emergency managers) share critical information and coordinate during routine emergencies.


We worked with emergency response agencies and their dispatchers on their challenges for effective and timely sharing of critical emergency incident information. We focused on coordination of different emergency agencies when working together during a single incident. We used realistic scenarios to interview front line responders and reviewed past reports and case studies.


Recommendations for strategies that improve information sharing, decision making and coordination. We also recommended program measures to track improvements.

The Bottom Line

Teams with different roles often have to work together on complex challenges to achieve a common goal. Differences in culture, training, jargon, rules, technology, goals, procedures or even shift-schedules can interfere with timely and accurate sharing of critical information. HSI® can help you identify and overcome challenges facing your teams.

Project Contact:  Bob Webb

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