Dynamics of Collaboration

Dynamics of Collaboration


High quality collaboration is a key need in most complex systems, and interactions between civilian and military personnel are no exception. In support of a multi-year program of research in defence, we ran a cutting-edge study that explored psychological dynamics of civil-military collaboration.


Together, civilian and military participants worked through two operational scenarios requiring collaboration and negotiation using Skype.


This work showed many behaviours that contributed to collaboration (e.g., sharing power and showing respect) and several that harmed collaboration. This work resulted in strong advice about how to improve collaboration performance.

The Bottom Line

Helping people work together more effectively is critical in most work contexts. People who are open to others, know when to talk and when to listen, and who have learned how to build trust promote successful collaboration. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about how to make interprofessional collaboration work for you.

Project Manager:  Michael Thomson

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