Organizational Ethics Development & Training

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A division of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) needed assistance developing an ethical decision-making framework and building staff capacity for making ethical decisions.


We conducted confidential individual interviews with CMHA staff to uncover their experiences making ethical decisions in their unique working contexts. We then constructed a set of processes that would promote, maintain, and evolve a culture of ethics to provide shared language across the organization.


CMHA received an accessible ethical decision making framework for understanding and addressing complex ethical dilemmas faced at work. This included worksheets to help guide the process of ethical decision making and document trends, as well as frontline examples of ethical dilemmas particular to the mental health context. We then delivered customized ethics training to CMHA staff.

The Bottom Line

Ethics is core to an organization’s success. If you are interested in building your team’s capacity for ethical decision making, we’re here to help.

Project Contact: Michael Thomson


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