Concept Development – NG



The Canadian Army has a vision for the dismounted soldier, the soldier as an integrated weapons systems platform.  This new vision for the soldier is being supported through science and technology development projects.   One of the key projects demonstrated the viability, utility and usability of integrated novel and high pay-off small arms related lethal and non-lethal technologies for future, lightweight small calibre weapons systems. The goal was to make a soldier a true network-enabled precise weapon system platform providing sensor-to-shooter linkage and the capability of applying the right effect at the right place and time.


Using a blue sky approach, a number of novel concept designs were identified, developed and refined.  Physical mock-ups of the concepts were then scored using a Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT) decision model on a number of operational scenarios.  The leading concept was then produced by a leading weapons manufacturer.  The physical design was supported by human factors research and iterative human factors testing.


A novel state of the art small arms system was developed.  The system demonstrated advanced concepts and component technologies and will be used to define the future of small arms in the Canadian Army.

The Bottom Line

Working for a leading manufacturer, HSI® helped make the program a success.  Our team has the experience and creativity to facilitate design teams, downs select designs for further development and work with challenging stakeholders in any domain to ensure that technology is designed and developed with people at the centre.  HSI® is well versed in the engineering development process, providing timely and practical human factors advice.

Project Manager: Harry Angel