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Adapting to Different Platforms


Aug 2015

Adapting to Different Platforms

Recently I heard about yet another tragic death of someone falling onto a subway track. It amazes me that this still happens and that no sure-fire preventative measures are out there to eliminate these senseless deaths. Not too long afterward, I had cause to use the free train provided from...

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Matrix text in background (numbers), and red and green lock icons in foreground


Dec 2014

Beware of Online Christmas Scams

Linda Varga Christmas is less than two weeks away and it’s going to be a busy two weeks with parties, eating, and shopping!  Sadly, it is also a busy time of year for scammers out to defraud people who may let their guard down during this hectic season.  An HSI®...

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Hand image with words on it representing healthy hand cleaning and sanitization


Nov 2014

Stop the Flu in its Tracks – Think Security System!

The flu affects us all. Workdays are lost. Families get sick. Kids stay home from school. Sports teams lose players. Clubs miss events. The answer is to stop the flu before it impacts your work or family and friends – and vice-versa. Rather like security for a computer system, stopping...

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