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HSI® wins contract to support research about how human factors shape military operations


Nov 2019

HSI® wins contract to support research about how human factors shape military operations

Guelph, Ontario, Canada, October 2019 – HSI® has been awarded a five-year contract with Defence Research and Development Canada’s Toronto Research Centre (DRDC TRC) for support in Information Operations, Intelligence and Cyber research. The human aspect of military operations is shaped by many things. Culture, comprehension, and motivation all affect...

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Measuring Training Effectiveness


Aug 2017

Measuring Training Effectiveness

Training is an essential part of everyday life. From the day we are born, to our first day of school, first job, and current job, we have received training at every step. In today’s fast-paced environment companies have recognized the need to keep their employees trained. That is why in...

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People scattered around a room, climbing ladders, looking out windows, zero gravity (people handing off ceiling as well as standing on floor)


May 2016

What Do My Colleagues Do All Day?

Do you ever sit at work and wonder, “What do my colleagues do all day?” Yesterday, HSI had its 2016 Project Briefing Day. We do this once a year to get updated on what neat and innovative research projects our consultants worked on over the past year. Not only does...

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Not Just For Fun: Gamers Helping Science


Feb 2015

Not Just For Fun: Gamers Helping Science

Linda Varga Back in 2001, I was at a party where a guy mentioned that he was trying to find intelligent life in the universe using his home computer. At the time I thought it was the beer talking, but he explained that a program funded by NASA allowed home...

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Group of people that have created a large scale image of a magnifying glass


Jan 2015

Focus on Focus Groups

When doing field research, there are many different ways to collect data. For most of the research that HSI® undertakes, it is important to collect both objective and subjective data. One common method of subjective data collection is that of the focus group. While there are countless guides available out...

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Negotiation word cloud (many negotiation-related words. E.g., "compromise, strategy" etc.)


Dec 2014

Tips for a Successful Negotiation

It’s always nice when you work on a project that positively impacts your own life. A few years ago, HSI® conducted a study in which we had participants from two very different organizations conduct a negotiation. The participants lived in different cities and worked for two very different organizations (e.g.,...

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Little boy playing video game with headphones on


Nov 2014

Breaking Barriers to Human Potential

In the world of child rearing, we are swamped with the latest literature for every stage of life, from when to introduce solid food to the best curfew time. Guided by these theories, I decided that video games were not good for my children.  After years of their pleading, however,...

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Box with juiceboxes and crackers on background of field, truck, and tent


Sep 2014

The Joys of Field Trials

Field trials are one of HSI®’s specialties. Our ability to plan and execute a scientifically rigorous field trial is what separates us from our competitors and keeps our clients satisfied. So what’s the big deal? What our clients typically find when they join us for a field trial is that...

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