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With over 30 years of applied research expertise and experience, HSI® offers customized training and eLearning solutions to meet your business and workforce development needs.

Our training solutions are based on research-backed principles that promote positive behaviour change, while engaging learners with innovative, motivating and delightful experiences.

Training Facts


billion dollars spent on employee training in 2015

Training boosts performance on the S&P Index.

Reduce operating costs and get the most from your investment by targeting training and measuring training effectiveness.

Training by Sector


Asessment & qualification, work procedures, compliance, safety, standards & regulations.


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Integrated care, equipment, government requirements, patient engagement, industry partnerships.


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Cybersecurity, change management, innovation, leadership, compliance, agility.


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Strategic communications, professionalism, situational awareness, collaboration.


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HSI’s wide experience in industry means we understand how to analyze the risks employees face. Managing risk and promoting safety often means employees must follow strict protocols. The challenge is to ensure that employees acquire and maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their work safely and well.



For Pacific Gas and Electric, HSI analyzed critical tasks and existing training data to identify the rate at which key safety behaviours fade. Then we determined the best retraining interval to limit the decay of these skills and keep them current. This work improved the ability of Pacific Gas and Electric to manage assessment and training schedules.



New technology, changing demographics, and integrated and patient-centered care are driving change in health care today. Keeping up-to-date with changes in health care demands frequent and easily accessible training for staff with demanding schedules for patients in their care. HSI® can help to diagnose your training needs and deliver performance solutions that keeps your organization ahead of the curve.

A Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) in Ontario wanted an e-learning solution for health care staff working with seniors. The LHIN’s goal was to improve quality in the “Circle of Care” and collaboration among the care professions. Our training to address their need was cost-effective and reduced risks for both patients and health care staff. The HSI® training solution is now part of a mandatory Geriatric Certificate program at McMaster University in Ontario.


The ability to adapt to new technologies, practices, or information is critical for business success. Today’s fast-paced environment favors decisive leadership supported by high performing teams to get your product or service to market – and keep it there. HSI® provides custom training solutions based on your company’s needs and goals. We work with you to design and deliver solutions that increase your competitive edge.



To strengthen its collective decision making ability, the Regulatory Affairs Team at Monsanto Canada recognized the need for a training solution. HSI® developed and conducted a customized training session to help the team first identify and then put into practice more effective collective decision making.



Armed Forces today perform in increasingly complex security environments. Rapid changes need a multipurpose, combat ready force able to act in a wide range of military and civil situations. Working on Defense projects for over 30 years, at HSI® we understand that this results in many new challenges. HSI® researches and develops targeted training solutions for topics such as communication, decision making, and ethics.



Armed forces often work with local civilians and organizations. The Canadian Armed Forces wanted to improve its communication, relationship building, and negotiation skills. HSI® researched and analyzed Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) scenarios for collaborative skill gaps. Then, to help CIMIC instructors target their training, HSI® created e-learning modules to evaluate individual performance in different situations.